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Making a Difference from Day One!

We're excited to announce a new initiative at Madra Training that aims to tackle the rising crisis of untrained dogs, dog attacks, and the heartbreaking increase in dogs being euthanised due to severe behavioral issues. At Madra Training, we are passionate about nurturing well-behaved and happy pups, and we believe that education and early intervention are key to ensuring a brighter future for our dogs.

Our Free Puppy Development Session: Making a Difference from Day One!

We understand that bringing a new puppy into your life is an exhilarating but challenging experience. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our FREE Puppy Development Session to all new puppy owners. This program is designed to provide essential guidance and support right from the start, setting the foundation for a lifelong bond built on trust, understanding, and positive behaviour.

What to Expect from Madra Training's Puppy Development Session:

Professional Expertise: Our team of certified dog trainers and behaviorists will guide you through the fundamentals of puppy training. From basic commands to socialisation techniques, we've got you covered.

Education for Owners: It's not just about the puppies! We'll educate you on understanding your pup's needs, body language, and the importance of consistency in training.

Building a Strong Foundation: We'll help you establish a strong foundation of obedience, manners, and problem-solving skills for your pup, ensuring they grow into well-adjusted and happy dogs.

Supportive Community: Join our community of passionate dog owners and trainers, where you can share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate the joys of puppy parenting.

A Brighter Future for Dogs: By investing in early training and socialisation, we hope to reduce the instances of untrained dogs, dog attacks, and the tragic euthanisation of dogs due to behavioural problems.

How to Enroll:

Enrolling in our FREE Puppy Development Session is easy! Simply follow the link below to schedule your first session. We welcome puppies of all breeds, ages, and sizes, as we believe that every pup deserves a chance to thrive in a loving and responsible home.

Let's work together to make a positive change in the lives of our beloved canine companions. Together, we can create a safer, happier, and more harmonious world for dogs and their humans.

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