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MADRA Bootcamp 🐾

Training your dog isn't just a one time thing. Training should be carried out throughout your dogs life to maintain skills, develop new skills, and allow your dog to burn off some steam - that's what MADRA Bootcamp is all about!

Puppy Bootcamp
Suitable for dogs aged 12 Weeks - 6 Months
Monday 6pm - 7pm
General Bootcamp
Suitable for dogs aged 6 Months +
Wednesday 6pm - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 12pm

In order to attend our sessions you must purchase our bootcamp subscription.

If we've not met you or your dog before, please also book in for a
free character assessment at

Bootcamp Subscription

  • Camp Subscription

    Every month
    • Unlimited Boot Camp Sessions
    • Members Group
    • Continued Support
    • Events
MADRA Education Centre
Castlehill Nursery
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