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XL Bully Residential Package


Introducing the Ultimate XL Bully Residential Training in Scotland

As the year comes to an end, pet owners in England are facing new challenges in light of the impending changes to the Dangerous Dog Act. Starting from the 31st of December, XL Bully dogs will be added to the list of restricted breeds in England, making it crucial for owners to seek specialised training solutions. At our unique facility in Scotland, we have created a specialised residential package for XL Bully to ensure our beloved companions receive the highest standard of training and care.

The Challenge of the Dangerous Dog Act

The Dangerous Dog Act has long been a topic of debate and concern among dog enthusiasts. While its intention is to protect public safety, it can sometimes affect responsible dog owners who own XL Bully breeds. With the addition of XL Bully dogs to the act, training in England will become more restricted, posing a significant challenge for owners who want to ensure their pets are well-behaved and socialised.

Training Without Prejudice in Scotland

Fortunately, our specialised residential training center is located in Scotland, where the new restrictions have not been implemented. This provides XL Bully owners with a unique opportunity to train their dogs without the limitations faced by their English counterparts. In Scotland, we can conduct public training sessions and socialisation activities without the need for muzzles or other restrictive measures, allowing these dogs to thrive in a safe and controlled environment.

The Benefits of Our Specialised Residential Training

At our XL Bully residential training, we offer a range of services tailored to the needs of both the dogs and their owners:

  • Comprehensive Training: Our experienced trainers specialize in XL Bully breeds and employ tried & tested techniques to ensure your dog becomes well-behaved, obedient, and confident.

  • Socialisation: XL Bully dogs require proper socialization to interact safely with other dogs and people. We provide controlled socialisation opportunities to help your dog build positive relationships.

  • Physical Exercise: These dogs are known for their energy and strength. We offer ample opportunities for exercise and play to ensure they remain healthy and happy.

  • Courier Service: Recognising the challenges of traveling with XL Bully dogs, we provide a convenient courier service to transport your pet to and from our facility anywhere in the UK.

  • 20% Discount for XL Bully Owners: To show our support for XL Bully owners during these changing times, we are offering a 20% discount on all our services to help you provide the best care and training for your beloved companion.

Join Us in Scotland for the Ultimate XL Bully Training Experience

As the calendar turns and the new year begins, XL Bully owners in England may face challenges, but there's hope and support available in Scotland. Our specialised residential training haven is committed to ensuring that XL Bully dogs receive the training, socialisation, and care they need to thrive. Join us in Scotland to experience the ultimate training environment for XL Bully dogs and provide them with the skills they need to be responsible and well-loved members of your family.

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