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There are many different ways to approach dog training. What makes us different from other dog trainers is that our methods encompass motivational dog training with a strong focus on positive reinforcement that takes place within a well-structured program. We create reliable, sustainable practices that reflect you and your dog’s needs that are applicable in the real world and results in happy, well balanced and well-behaved dogs.

Our staff are fully qualified and highly experienced dog trainers, but we are also dog enthusiasts. We set high standards for our training programs that integrate skills and play to keep you and your dog motivated.

We have one of the largest indoor dog training centres in Central Scotland, located in Coatbridge, South Lanarkshire; but as a standard practice we conduct smaller group training sessions to maximise your experience.

Whatever your dog training needs are, our team of experts can help you. With years of high-level professional experience in various disciplines and relevant qualifications, we are leading specialists of severe behavioural needs.


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